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Episode 9 - Writers Turned Murderers

*Intro loop by MasicBemester and outtro loop by 0fekz83

Nancy Brophy and her husband Daniel Brophy.

Pauline Parker & Juliet Hulme 1954

Pauline & Juliet on Trial

Kate Winslet & Melanie Lynskey in Heavenly Creatures 1994

Dariusz Janiszewski

Krystian Bala

Marton Csokas & Jim Carrey in Dark Crimes 2016

Iana Kasian and Blake Leibel (slideshow)

Richard Klinkhamer and wife Hannelore

***I mistakenly said in the podcast that Richard was in prison, he was sentenced in 2001 to seven years but got out in 2003 for good behavior and died in 2016.

Liu Yongbiao and Wang in Court (censored)

Louis Althusser and wife Helene

Mary Ann Lamb with brother Charles

James Tiptree, Jr (aka Alice B. Sheldon) and husband Ting

Williams S. Burroughs and wife Joan Vollmer

Richard Horne (aka Harry Horse) and wife Mandy

Kathleen Peterson

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