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Episode 1 - Janett Christman (columbia, mo)


The Babysitter Urban Legend is loosely based on the murder of Janett Christman.

Janett on the left.

Janett looked much older than 13 years old.

Mary Lou Jenkins

Suspect arrested for murdering Mary Lou Jenkins, Floyd Cochran.

Mueller's Lawsuit, he lost.

Important Locations now in 2018:

Ernie's Cafe where Janett lived with her family upstairs.

Before entering the cafe, the stairs lead upstairs to the apartment.

Now an office building, but this was the Moon Valley Villa Restaurant where the Romacks and Muellers were the night Janett was murdered.

Behind the building is Hinkson Creek, this bridge is on a trail to cross the creek and was very creepy.

This side faces Broadway.

1015 Stewart Road - The Romacks Home

We stopped in front of the house and the porch light was OFF, it quickly went on I snapped the pic and then went off. It was weird.

The Romacks house in the daylight.

The Romacks, the window on the side of the house is significant.

The garage was not there at the time.

Another view of the side window, the garage was not there in 1950 and neither was the house next door.

West/Sunset - Mary Lou Jenkins home where she was murdered.

112 Park Hill Ave - Robert Mueller's former home today.

Robert Mueller - main suspect.

Robert Mueller and his wife.

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1 Comment

Jackie Westwood
Jackie Westwood
May 27, 2020

The photo of Moon Valley Villa is incorrect. The "Villa" was across the bridge and all the way down nearly to the end of the road that ran beside Hinkson creek. It sat on the left side of the road as you are diving in. It was a popular dancing and drinking place for college kids in the 60's. Every Friday afternoon they had outdoor dancing on the patio so I remember it well. I believe it was converted into apartments several years ago. The last time I was down there the building existed.

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